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Products > Utility

DUX Utility Equipment

Multi-Purpose Cassette System

Using the DUX heavy-duty articulated four-wheel drive underground Porter (prime mover) one person can load and unload multi-purpose cassettes smoothly and safely in minutes.

The system cuts down dramatically on idle equipment and achieves higher utilization than equipment built for one specific task. The DUX line of multipurpose cassettes is continually expanding to meet new customer demand; contact DUX for custom cassette arrangement.

Fuel/Lube, Water and Personnel Transport

DUX articulated 4-wheel drive personnel carriers bring safe and reliable personnel and material transport to underground mines and tunneling projects.

Aerial Boom Lifts & Scissor Lifts

DUX underground aerial boom lifts and scissor lifts provide high reach for surveying, roof bolting, pipe installation, cable stringing, AN/FO loading and more…

Utility Equipment