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Products > Haulage

DUX Haulage Equipment

> DUX heavy-duty articulated undergound four-wheel drive haulage trucks are well suited
   for hauling ore, waste and backfill

> High power-to-weight ratios provide fast tramming on the level and up steep ramps

> Reinforced, wear resistant dump/teledump/ejector boxes have excellent load retention and
   steep dumping angles for clean and rapid discharge cycles

> Centralized service points and modular design for easy service access and
   component exchange

> Custom dump/teledump/ejector boxes manufactured to suit your specific ore weight available

DUX DT-Series underground dump trucks are available with standard dump box, ranging in
capacity from 5 to 50 metric tonnes (5.5 to 55 short tons).

With patented telescopic dump box, DUX TD-Series underground teledump trucks bring high capacity hauling to areas previously limited to scoop loaders.

DUX ET-Series underground ejector trucks come with pusher plate arrangement for areas with extremely low headings.