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New DUX DSL-300 Scoop Loader

DUX recently introduced a three tonne DSL-300 LHD with 1.2 m3 (1.6 yd3) bucket capacity, which is also being developed with battery electric power [Learn more]

New Suspension System for Increased Operator Comfort

After installation and intensive testing on DUX model TD‐18 and DT‐20N underground trucks, DUX is pleased to announce that a new operator suspension system is now available on all haulage and utility equipment with totally enclosed FOPS/ROPS cab or canopy [Learn more]

New DUX Model DS‐3.8 Telescopic Boom

If you wish to replace an old scaling boom with a newly designed, lighter version available with rotary head and bracket for the installation optional hydraulic hammer, scaling claw or rotary cutter for use on soft material such as limestone, salt or potash; the new DUX DS‐3.8 Telescopic Boom with the following dimensions may be the solution [Learn more]



六台DUX DT-20T型混凝土运输车在海峡隧道连线铁路项目地奔忙,从Davidson压实搅拌站向Gomaco Commander III滑模式混凝土摊铺机运送混凝土。


这些具有90度倾卸角的DUX DT-20T型台车将其8.3立米的混凝土载荷倒入一个大斗内,然后由一台适用于狭窄的隧道环境的带缩短臂13吨挖掘机铲起并倒入摊铺机前面的漏斗里。

除了那些DT-20T混凝土运输车外,还有一台DUX P1-PC20型人员运输车,也为海峡隧道连线铁路项目的成功做出卓越贡献。该车被用来运送多达20人和牵引可移动坡道到重要位置。该项目的承建商为Nishimatsu Cementation Skanska合营企业,项目经理方为连线铁路工程联合体(由Bechtel牵头),客户为联合铁路公司。


DUX DT-20T 混凝土运输车



Tunnelling & Trenchless Construction(隧道与非开挖施工)杂志中对隧道连线铁路项目的报道